June 1, 2015

Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching Services

Career Coach Bob prepares his clients to maximize their interview opportunities to ultimately earn the job offer. 

A successful interview can be broken down three basic components – articulating your VALUE, establishing a FIT, and demonstrating your LIKEABILITY.  It is critical for candidates to be able to highlight their value to a prospective employer while establishing that they fit, and are likeable.  Sadly, most job seekers are not prepared to leave a favorable impression on an interview.  Simply put, interviewing is an art…and one that requires practice.

Be able to communicate your true value to an employer through planning and practice.

Career Coach Bob utilizes a customized approach for each client through effective interview training and practice.  Through the training/coaching process, Career Coach Bob clients learn how to better prepare so they can communicate their value to an employer more effectively than the competition to increase the chance that the employer wants to move forward with the candidate…ultimately to the stage in the process where the candidate earns the job offer.

It is a step-by-step process to ensure your success.

  1. Assess Your Situation, Your Goals, and Your Individual Needs

Each client is unique so a personalized approach is developed based on each client’s situation, goals, and needs.  Some clients are better at handling tough questions than others as an example.  Career Coach Bob will work with you to assist you to improve your interviewing skills to be able to more effectively communicate your value.

  1. Create a Game Plan

After your situation, goals, and needs have been assessed, we’ll build a customized plan to help you better sell your value to an employer.

  1. Interviewing Basics/Interviewing Etiquette

Candidates need to have a firm grasp on interviewing basics and the accompanying interviewing etiquette needed to set the groundwork for a great interview.  Once the framework has been set, we will move on to tougher challenges and questions.

  1. Answering Common Interviewing Questions

We’ll cover some of the most commonly asked interviewing questions and discuss strategies to effectively answer these questions.  Additionally, the topic of behavioral (or past-performance based) questions will also be covered.

  1. Sell Your Experience and Accomplishments – Sell Your Value

We will discuss how to position your prior experience and its relevance towards your targeted position.  Additionally, we’ll recap your previous accomplishments and develop strategies to sell these successes on upcoming interviews.  You’ll be taught about the Organizational Message Chart and how to apply this model to your situation.

  1. Handling Tough Questions

Yep, the tough questions are coming.  Most candidates pray that the interviewer doesn’t ask a tough question.  Rather than relying on the law of ignoring, simply prepare for the question in case it is asked.  It will get worse in time if you do not prepare for it.  We’ll teach you how to handle these tough issues.

  1. Post-Interview Debriefing

We want you to debrief us especially in instances where you are invited back for another round of interviews.  Additionally, we will cover the Thank You letter topic as well.

Career Coach Bob wants YOU to earn the job offer through effective interviewing skills.  He is a Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) and expert in assisting clients to achieve better success on the interview.

Contact Career Coach Bob today to schedule your interview training or schedule a mock interview!

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